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Aamir Khan purchases an apartment in Pali Hill, Mumbai for INR 9.75 crores


Bollywood star Aamir Khan has expanded his Mumbai real estate portfolio with a new INR 9.75 crore apartment in Bella Vista Apartments, Pali Hill. This acquisition adds to his existing holdings in the area, reflecting his strategic investment in prime residential properties slated for redevelopment. Khan's proactive approach aligns with ongoing urban rejuvenation initiatives in Pali Hill, where significant redevelopment projects are underway. His investments not only underscore confidence in Mumbai's property market but also position him as a key player in shaping the city's luxury real estate landscape, contributing to its evolving skyline and prestige.

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Bollywood icon Aamir Khan has made a substantial addition to his Mumbai real estate portfolio by acquiring a new apartment for INR 9.75 crore. Located within the esteemed Bella Vista Apartments in Pali Hill, this ready-to-move-in property spans an expansive 1,027 square feet. The transaction, finalised on June 25, included a stamp duty payment of INR 58.5 lakh and a nominal registration fee of INR 30,000, according to property registration documents analysed by SquareYards.

This latest acquisition underscores Khan's ongoing investment strategy in Mumbai's prime residential market. Already a notable homeowner in Bella Vista Apartments and Marina Apartments in Pali Hill, Khan now owns a total of 9 out of 24 apartments across these two buildings. Both properties are earmarked for redevelopment, reflecting the area's evolving urban landscape and Khan's strategic positioning within it.

In December last year, Man Infraconstruction Limited (MICL) announced a significant redevelopment initiative in Pali Hill, Bandra, where Khan holds property. The project aims to inject new life into the locality, boasting a planned construction potential of 50,000 square feet and an anticipated revenue of INR 500 crore. This development aligns with Khan's vision for contributing to Mumbai's urban rejuvenation while enhancing the value of his real estate assets.

Khan's proactive approach to expanding his real estate footprint resonates with his long standing prominence in Bollywood and Mumbai's elite circles. His investments not only reflect confidence in the city's property market resilience but also contribute tangibly to its ongoing urban development narrative. With each acquisition, Khan cements his role as a discerning investor and stakeholder in shaping the future of luxury residential living in Mumbai's most coveted neighbourhoods.

As the redevelopment saga unfolds in Pali Hill and Bandra, Khan's acquisitions are set to play a pivotal role in reshaping the skyline and prestige of Mumbai's luxury real estate market. With strategic foresight and a look out for quality, Aamir Khan continues to carve out a distinct niche in the city's evolving urban landscape, positioning himself at the forefront of Mumbai's real estate narrative.

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