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Delhi Metro aims to open three phase-IV corridors by 2026


The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is making significant progress on its fourth-phase expansion project despite challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic and administrative delays. Anuj Dayal, DMRC's Principal Executive Director, reported that over 50% of work on all three priority corridors is complete, with substantial advancements in tunnelling on the Aerocity-Tughlakabad and Janakpuri West-RK Ashram Marg lines. The Phase 4 section from Janakpuri West to Krishna Park Extension is nearing completion, slated to open by August. They expect to operationalize the entire Majlis Park-Maujpur corridor by next year, with further phases aiming for completion by 2026.

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The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) announced on Sunday that they have completed over fifty percent of the work on all three priority corridors of Delhi Metro's fourth phase expansion project. The corporation aims to operationalize the new 65-kilometre network by 2026. Officials from the DMRC reported that the Phase 4 expansion project is making significant progress, targeting the completion of all three priority corridors, which collectively span 65 kilometres, by 2026. Although the project began in December 2019, its advancement faced considerable delays from 2020 to 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and difficulties in obtaining permissions for tree cutting.

An official from the agency revealed that the expansion project has seen substantial and active progress over the past eighteen months to two years, thereby allotting the DMRC approximately four years to complete the project. Anuj Dayal, the DMRC's Principal Executive Director of Corporate Communications, reported that they have currently achieved more than 50 percent progress on all three corridors. On the Majlis Park-Maujpur corridor, they have completed approximately 80 percent of the civil work. He added that tunnelling work is advancing on multiple stretches of the Aerocity-Tughlakabad (Golden Line) and Janakpuri West-RK Ashram Marg (Magenta Line) corridors.

Dayal mentioned that despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and delays in obtaining various permissions, they are nearing completion of the Phase 4 section from Janakpuri West to Krishna Park Extension, with an expected opening by August. They project that the entire Majlis Park-Maujpur corridor will become operational next year, with plans to open the remaining sections of the priority corridors in phases by 2026. However, certain permissions for tree cutting and land acquisition at specific isolated locations remain pending, as noted by the official.

Dayal stated that they monitor the project daily at various levels and conduct site visits at the highest levels to expedite progress. They actively pursue efforts to secure permissions for tree cutting at appropriate levels. In addition to the current work, two more corridors under Phase 4-Inderlok-Indraprastha and Saket G Block-Lajpat Nagar-have recently received approval. The DMRC is actively seeking clearances for land acquisition, forest clearing, and tree cutting. Further processes involving planning and tendering for civil works are currently underway, Dayal concluded.

The DMRC's dedication to advancing the fourth phase expansion amidst the adversities presented by the pandemic and bureaucratic hurdles highlights its commitment to enhancing Delhi's metro infrastructure. This project, once completed, will significantly enhance the city's public transportation network, providing a more efficient and expansive metro system for Delhi's residents and visitors alike. The meticulous oversight and persistent efforts in securing necessary permissions reflect the corporation's resolve to meet the 2026 target, ensuring that the new corridors are operational and contributing to the city's transit needs.

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