Royal India Corporation Limited (RICL) raises INR 99 crores in preferential issue


RICL announces a significant preferential issue, securing INR 99 crores for strategic growth initiatives. CEO Manoj Punamiya emphasizes the company's commitment to redefining urban living through projects like Kalyan Marina, Juhu, and Kalyan APMC. Noteworthy investors, including Sunder Iyer and the Mangal Keshav family offices, join the venture. Proceeds from the issue will fund Kalyan Marina, set to generate INR 265 crores over three years. Discussions for projects in Juhu and Kalyan APMC are underway, projecting revenues of INR 150 crores and INR 300 crores, respectively. RICL's focus on quality and luxury underpins its vision for transformative urban developments.

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Royal India Corporation Limited (RICL) has announced a significant advancement with its preferential issue, amounting to INR 99 crores. CEO Manoj Punamiya highlighted the company's strategic growth initiatives, stating, "We are entering an exciting phase of expansion and innovation. Our focus on high-potential projects such as the Kalyan Marina, along with our upcoming plans for Juhu and Kalyan APMC, underscores our commitment to redefining urban living. This journey towards sustainable growth and market leadership is driven by our dedication to quality, luxury, and connectivity."

The entire proceeds from the preferential issue will be allocated to the ambitious Kalyan Marina project. This venture has attracted noteworthy investors, including prominent figures like Sunder Iyer and the Mangal Keshav family offices. Additionally, the promoters are set to increase their stake in the company by 5% through this preferential offer, further demonstrating their confidence in RICL's strategic direction.

RICL has secured the developmental rights for Kalyan Marina, a project expected to generate approximately INR 265 crores in earnings over the next three years. This acquisition is a significant milestone for the company, positioning it for sustained growth and innovation. The project is scheduled to commence in June 2024 and aims to revolutionize modern living in Kalyan. The development will encompass 5 lakh square feet, offering spacious living areas coupled with world-class amenities, setting new benchmarks for comfort and luxury in the region.

In addition to Kalyan Marina, RICL is in discussions to acquire a 20,000 square foot plot in Juhu, with projected revenues of about INR 150 crores over the next three years. The company is also negotiating with Kalyan APMC to acquire an adjacent plot to Kalyan Marina for a large-scale housing and commercial project. This partnership with MHADA aims to develop a 10 lakh square foot project, with anticipated revenues of around INR 300 crores over the next five years.

Royal India Corporation Limited's (RICL) strategic projects are situated in prime locations, with previous ventures such as Vertu in Wadala and Cote De Orient in Matunga receiving widespread acclaim for their superior craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. As Kalyan continues to emerge as a key real estate destination, the Kalyan Marina project is set to drive further regional growth and development. This development will be characterized by luxury, convenience, and connectivity, enhancing the overall living standards in the area.

RICL's commitment to quality and luxury is evident in its strategic project selections and the meticulous planning involved in each venture. The Kalyan Marina project, in particular, highlights the company's dedication to creating sophisticated living spaces that combine comfort with state-of-the-art amenities. This project is poised to transform the landscape of Kalyan, offering residents a lifestyle that blends modernity with convenience.

The preferential issue not only boosts RICL's financial capability to undertake such expansive projects but also reflects the strong confidence of investors and promoters in the company's vision. The involvement of eminent investors and the increased stake by promoters indicate a robust belief in RICL's growth trajectory and strategic initiatives.

As RICL progresses with its ambitious projects, the company's focus remains steadfast on delivering high-quality, luxurious living spaces that meet the evolving needs of urban residents. The upcoming projects in Kalyan and Juhu, along with the potential developments in collaboration with MHADA, are set to redefine urban living standards, reinforcing RICL's position as a leader in the real estate sector.

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