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MCD launches comprehensive survey to identify dangerous buildings ahead of monsoon


The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has initiated a survey of buildings to identify and address potential dangers ahead of the monsoon season. With 35 lakh buildings under its purview across 12 zones, the MCD aims to complete the survey by June 2024. Last year, over 30 lakh structures were inspected, resulting in 292 notices for repairs and eight buildings declared dangerous, primarily in the Rohini zone. The survey covers various localities, including approved and unauthorized colonies. MCD officials stress prompt action on any dilapidated structures to prevent accidents during the impending monsoon, prioritizing government facilities and schools.

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The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has initiated a comprehensive survey to identify potentially dangerous buildings in preparation for the upcoming monsoon season. With an estimated 35 lakh buildings distributed across 12 zones under its jurisdiction, the MCD aims to complete the survey by the end of June, just before the expected onset of the monsoon in July.

The survey encompasses all types of localities, including approved colonies, unauthorized settlements, and villages. MCD officials emphasize the importance of this initiative to safeguard residents and prevent any untoward incidents, particularly during the monsoon's heavy rainfall and associated risks.

As part of the ongoing survey, MCD officials have already examined over 86,000 houses, with none found to be hazardous thus far. However, in the event of a building being identified as dilapidated or unsafe, the MCD will promptly issue notices to the owner, mandating necessary repairs and other corrective actions to mitigate potential risks.

The MCD oversees various crucial infrastructure, including government offices, dispensaries, hospitals, and municipal schools. In line with its commitment to ensuring public safety, the MCD has issued guidelines for conducting surveys of these facilities before the onset of the monsoon, prioritizing repairs and maintenance to minimize vulnerabilities.

During the survey process, field staff meticulously inspect buildings, assessing their visual appearance and structural integrity. This thorough examination enables the identification of any potential hazards or structural deficiencies, allowing for targeted interventions to address safety concerns.

MCD officials underscore the urgency of completing the survey by the designated timeline, emphasizing the need to proactively address any risks posed by structurally compromised buildings. By adhering to this timeline, the MCD aims to enhance the overall resilience of Delhi's built environment and mitigate the potential impact of adverse weather conditions.

In the previous year, the MCD's building and maintenance department conducted inspections of over 30.54 lakh structures. Of these, 292 were deemed to require repairs, prompting the issuance of notices under the Delhi Municipal Corporation Act. Additionally, eight buildings were identified as posing imminent dangers to occupants, with the majority located in the Rohini zone.

Following the issuance of notices, property owners took prompt action to address identified deficiencies, undertaking necessary refurbishments and repairs to enhance structural integrity and safety. However, in cases where buildings were deemed unsafe, measures such as partial demolition or evacuation were implemented to mitigate risks and safeguard residents.

The proactive approach adopted by the MCD underscores its commitment to ensuring public safety and fostering a resilient urban environment capable of withstanding the challenges posed by adverse weather conditions. By prioritizing building safety and maintenance initiatives, the MCD endeavors to uphold the highest standards of safety and well-being for residents across the national capital.

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